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Who we are

We are a team of engineers & freelancers having impeccable knowledge in various programming languages with over 5-10 years of working experiences in different software companies. Beside our normal work hours, we utilize our valuable free time developing various free and paid applications for the benefits of society and to get some good quality Beers !!!

Why choose us?

We specialise in both web and native/hybird mobile applications for user-intended projects with the intention of providing profound and systemic expertise covering all the user requirements. Moreover, we are also indulged in the data integrations and data extracting platforms.


Our services include development of web and mobile based applications. In addition to it, we also intend to provide data integration and extraction services.

Desktop & Web Application

Responsive applications workable in any machines or devices.

Mobile & Tablet Application

Smooth and sleek native and cross-platform mobile applications.

Business Solutions

Software / Database architectural design and analysis, project management and solutions

We are expert on various different programming languages and frameworks


Beside our daily 8 hrs work in software companies, below are the list of freelance work that we have done as a sole or as a team during our leisure time.

Generation Media
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My Expense
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Hamro Police
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Comit Tech
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Book Of Recipe
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Ur's Order
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Hamro Portal
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Dandabari Resort
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Shringar Beauty
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Covid19 Tasmania
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Kathmandu, Nepal

You can find us literally anywhere, just click a button and there we are.

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